Our Story

It all started during the Great Depression. Not an ideal time to establish a new business. But that’s exactly what William K. McGowan set out to do. An Indianapolis native, he took family and friends by surprise when he decided to go into the insurance business. And guess what? It worked. Later the business would evolve into McGowan Insurance Group, Inc. It’s safe to say the agency has lived up and even surpassed the dreams of our founder.

Fast forward 80 years later. McGowan is perfectly situated in the heart of booming Indianapolis. A city now known for fast cars and professional sports, hosting blockbuster events, cool neighborhoods and thriving culinary and tech scene. And it’s only getting bigger. Just like our beautiful city, McGowan continues to grow. But we will never compromise our core values and client-focused service. That’s why McGowan Insurance Group has grown into one of the largest and most respected independent insurance firms not only in Indiana, but across the county.