McGowan Insurance Group - Loss PreventionThe importance of loss prevention can never be overestimated. It is the difference between profit and loss; between success and failure. Proactive, collaborative loss prevention is at the forefront of our customized business programs.

We offer our clients a full spectrum of services, from reviewing your operations at every location to quantifying exposures. Regulatory compliance is also essential for effective loss prevention. We keep your company current with changing regulations so you can dedicate your time and focus on growing your business.

Our loss prevention programs help you enhance productivity and workplace safety through proven, time-tested, programs such as:

  • Supervisor and Accountability Training
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Safety Programs
  • Return-to-Work Programs
  • Human Resource Management
    • Employee Manual Development
    • On/Off-Boarding Employees
    • Performance Reviews & Documentation
    • Training & Development Documentation
    • Payroll Practices

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